AdvaPACS is a next-generation cloud PACS

We enable medical imaging specialties, such as radiology, oncology, ophthalmology and many other specialist applications to access cloud-based feature-rich and cost-effective DICOM image storage solutions.

AdvaPACS is fully managed by AdvaHealth Solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How AdvaPACS Works

AdvaPACS is a fully managed service

With AdvaPACS, there are no large and expensive on-premise PACS servers to supply, support, monitor or update.

Instead, it is a simple sign-up process with no long-term commitments, you can store your DICOM images in the cloud in minutes. You just simply pay for what you use.

Let us look after the system so you can stop worrying about IT and focus on the delivery of your services.

Key advantages over on-premise PACS

Cyber Security-01

Reduce exposure to cyber-security risks

Cyber-security risks such as ransomware would render image data inaccessible.

AdvaPACS utilises immutable cloud object storage to significantly reduce this risk.

Medical Data Protection-01

Greatly improve data durability

Data loss due to hardware failure or improper configuration can result in significant reputational damage including medicolegal risk.

AdvaPACS data is synchronously replicated to a minimum of three locations for an extremely high level of data durability.

AdvaPACS Scalability-01

System flexibility & scalability

AdvaPACS is fully configurable to your unique requirements.

In addition, our pricing model lets you scale easily, no longer required to estimate your future usage instead only pay for what you actually use.

Standard Features

  • DICOM3-01
    DICOM 3.0

  • DICOMweb-01

  • noun-web-1284001-01
    Storage Tiering

  • assisgn-01
    Assigning Authorities

  • compression-01
    Compression Rules

  • routing-01
    Routing Rules

  • Re-01

  • transform-01
    Transform Rules

Security Features

  • Encryption at rest & in transit

  • 2FA

  • IP Filtering

  • LDAP / SSO (coming soon)

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