Next-generation cloud-native PACS solution

We enable medical imaging specialties, including radiology, oncology, ophthalmology, and more, to access a feature-rich and cost-effective cloud-native DICOM image storage solution. Deploy in just 15 minutes. No hardware or software capital outlay

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Built for Security, Reliability & Flexibility

Efficient, cost-effective, and secure enterprise imaging solution for healthcare organisations

Minimise your IT support, reduce your costs, ensure high availability, and achieve scalability with enhanced data durability through our efficient enterprise imaging solution that automatically scales to meet your changing needs.

Production PACS

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The ultimate solution for medical imaging data. Built on cloud-native infrastructure, it ensures the utmost security, reliability, and accessibility of your valuable data.

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Hybrid PACS

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Combines your existing on-premise PACS with AdvaPACS cloud-native storage for increased flexibility, scalability, and security while reducing costs.

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Disaster Recovery PACS

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A complementary Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to your on-premise PACS across all hospital and practice operations. Don’t let disasters disrupt your patient care and operational efficiency.

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No software purchases required and with minimal hardware - AdvaPACS scales with you

Leverage your existing infrastructure to unlock the power of AdvaPACS without the hassle of implementation, maintenance, and upgrades.

AdvaPACS has you covered

An enterprise imaging solution for all sizes of medical organisations

AdvaPACS enables organisations of all sizes and types to improve their imaging workflow.

  • Private & Public Hospitals

  • Private Radiology Clinics

  • Dental, Ophthalmology, Veterinary, OBS/GYN, Oncology

  • Screening

  • Mobile Radiology

Why choose AdvaPACS

Key advantages over on-premise PACS

  • No Large Infrastructure Cost

    With no large on-premise hardware to purchase and manage, you can reallocate capital to growth areas.

  • Availability & Durability

    AdvaPACS operates over a minimum of three geographically redundant data centres making it highly available. In addition to this, your data is synchronously replicated between these locations ensuring a high level of data durability.

  • Reduce Exposure to Cyber Security Risks

    AdvaPACS utilises immutable cloud object storage, and multiple layers of encryption and access control to secure your data.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

    You never have to worry about storage capacity or hardware growth. AdvaPACS can store and process a virtually unlimited amount of data. Our platform scales according to demand and you simply pay only for the resources that you consume.

Get started with AdvaPACS now to experience the new way of operating enterprise imaging. Simple, secure, affordable, and reliable.

Jump on a call with one of our experts and see if AdvaPACS is for you.

Get peace of mind...

Sit back and relax

With AdvaPACS, there are no large and expensive on-premise PACS servers to supply, support, monitor or update. You have peace of mind knowing your enterprise imaging data is being managed at a high-level facility and monitored 24/7.

Operating an on-premise PACS comes with a lot of hardware to support and maintain. This burdens your IT department with work that does not create value for your institution.

AdvaPACS is a cloud-native managed service. Allow your IT team to free themselves from the burden of enterprise imaging hardware maintenance and support, and allow that time to be reallocated to value-creating tasks.

AdvaPACS operates across multiple geographically separated data centres with highly-available auto-scaling infrastructure that is continuously monitored.

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AdvaPACS is fully managed by AdvaHealth Solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Standard features

Our standard features include everything you need. Enjoy the benefits of flexibility, scalability, performance and security for one all-inclusive price.

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AdvaHealth Solutions is focused on utilising next-generation technologies in a practical way to deliver real-world solutions to real-world challenges that ultimately reduces the costs of healthcare whilst improving access.

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